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Enjoying the Heat of the Sun with Skirtinis

Skirtini is the latest trend in swimwear nowadays. It is an advancement of the tankini. It is a combination of a tank top and a short skirt. There are many designs and fashionable items that feature this type of swim wear. It is also ideal for those who are not so at ease in wearing bikinis. This will help them to still be stylish and in fashion while walking down the beach and while being with all the other sexy girls in their sexy swimsuits. It is also suitable for big boned bodies and the chubby ones. The advantage and greatness in wearing this kind of swimsuit is that it features the best parts and assets of your body (it will be highlighted) and it will cover up problem areas. This will help most women to become more comfortable with their bodies and still enjoy the heat of the sun without realizing that they are really wearing sexy swimwear.